All of the products sold at Thermodynamix.ca are intended strictly for display or legal use only. Thermodynamix Inc. does not endorse the sale of illegal drug paraphernalia.  All Glassware and Electronic Items sold are intended to be used solely for display, or in some cases, tobacco and/or for those holding Medical Marijuana Licences or Access to Authorize Medical Marijuana Documents.

We have no interest selling items for recreational drug use and will refuse any sale that breaks our conditions.  We make sure to maintain an environment in which there is no reason that we couldn’t fairly say that we didn’t have reason to assume any product sold by us was going to be used illegally.

Thermodynamix Inc. does not import, export, manufacture, promote or sell anything for illicit drug use.

Thermodynamix.ca does not sell any items for consumption.  Thermodynamix.ca does not sell any actual Tobacco, Alcohol, or Marijuana.  Anyone who mentions that they will be using one of our products for illicit use will have their order cancelled and their Credit Card Number barred from future transactions.

We do not allow anyone under the age of 19 to access our site nor purchase from our site.  This is something we strictly enforce.  If we suspect a minor is using an adult’s credit card, we will cancel the order and bar that Credit Card Number from future transactions.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us at: 416-929-9669.