Thermodynamix Inc. was founded in January of 2015 with simple goals. We wanted to be ethical, to be competitive, to be trusted and to be responsive.
Thermodynamix is committed to running a responsible and ethical business, and this is reflected in numerous ways. Firstly, we absolutely refuse to interact with anyone under the age of 19 years old. Young minds are vitally important, and we see it as our number one responsibility to be proactive in enforcing an adult-only policy towards our customers. There is nothing more valuable than a developing brain and we will, more than anything else, ensure that only adults are able to view and purchase our products.

Secondly, we are environmentalists at Thermodynamix and the ecology is something that is always on our minds. We use brown, unbleached cardboard boxes for shipping and our packaging material is recycled, brown paper. Any plastic bubble-wrap that may find its way into the box is re-used from when our wholesaler shipped us the item initially. We kindly ask that you place all packaging material into the recycling bin.

Thirdly, every item for sale at has been researched for quality, and personally selected from a variety of wholesalers, ensuring that only the highest quality products are offered to you. If we have been made aware that a particular product is not up-to-snuff, we will either discontinue that product or simply not order it in the first place.

We hope to gain and maintain your trust through friendly and interactive customer service, by giving honest opinions and advice on our products, and by selling goods of only the highest quality. Our return policies are liberal. If for any reason you feel the desire to return a product you purchased from, please contact us and we’ll figure out a solution.

To be competitive, we have placed our prices at the low end of what our competitors charge on average, and we plan to maintain a fair and respectable price point for as long as we exist as a company. With the idea of longevity in mind, we don’t see a need to make huge profits in the short term, and our prices reflect that attitude.

Responsiveness is something we value and take very seriously. At Thermodynamix, we answer emails after 5pm and on the weekends, as we understand that as an internet-based business, regular business hours do not necessarily apply to our customers. To all of us here at Thermodynamix, the thought of having unanswered emails in our inbox unsettles us. So, please, if you have anything on your mind, do not hesitate to contact us.