What is a joint?

December 24, 2020

A joint is simply a marijuana cigarette. It is dried and broken-up marijuana placed inside a thin piece of paper, rolled up tightly, stuck together and lit at one end. The user inhales from the opposite end, which may or may not contain a rolled up piece of thin cardboard acting as a filter.

There is no standard size of joint, but on average they can be rolled out of anywhere from 0.25 of a gram to well over 2 grams, if extra rolling papers are used. Of course, there is no limit to how small or large a joint can be. If you want to roll a 10-gram joint, you’ll just need more rolling papers and a steady hand. In 2016, for 420, Tony Greenhand, a professional joint-roller, rolled a 4.2-pound joint and shared it with a crowd of people.

Some cannabis users, even non-cigarette smokers, like to add a pinch of tobacco to their joints. This is a personal preference, but is not necessarily recommended by Thermodynamix. We find that it takes away from the flavour of the marijuana, and of course, adds a handful of toxic chemicals, which are not found in marijuana itself.