What are Glass Screens?

December 24, 2020

Glass Screens

When placing ground-up cannabis in your pipe or bong bowl, it is always recommended to have a screen of some type for the cannabis to sit on. This stops the fresh marijuana from being sucked through before it’s had a chance to combust and also stops embers and ash from entering your mouth as you inhale, which is uncomfortable, to say the least. While you can buy packs of metal pipe screens from most convenience stores, Glass Screens tend to be a more elegant and tastier choice.

When you hold the flame against the cannabis, it inevitably will be sucked down and through the metal screen. This gives off a distinct, metallic taste that can affect the overall taste of your hit from the bowl. We recommend using glass screens when possible. Glass is essentially tasteless when touched by a flame and also tends to last longer than the thin, metallic screens. Glass Screens are inexpensive and come in packs of 12, in case you lose a few or need them for multiple bowls.