What are Ash Catchers?

January 5, 2021

Ash Catchers

Ash Catchers have become quite popular in the last decade.  They are a very useful accessory, which not only help to keep your bong clean, but also help to keep the taste acceptable and the temperature low.  


Ash Catchers are little glass bulbs filled with water, which attach to your bong via the downstem and hold the bowl, acting as an intermediary between the bowl and your bong.  What they do is simple: They catch as much ash from the bowl as possible before it can enter into your bong.  In doing so, they keep the water in your bong fresher, longer and keep the dirty and grimy taste of bong water away from your mouth.


Ash Catchers are almost always filled with water for extra percolation as well as to act a medium to stop the ash from hardening against the glass.  Many ash catchers have percolators built in, or use a diffuser downstem inside.  Combined with your bong, which is most likely some form of percolator, they help to keep the smoke cool and fresh as it travels through the bong and into your mouth.  


Instead of having to clean your bong regularly, you now just have to clean out your ash catcher regularly.  If done properly, you should notice it takes 2-3 times as long for your bong to get as dirty as it would without an ash catcher.  You can clean your ash catcher the same way you clean your bong or oilrig, with 99% rubbing alcohol and either rock salt or rice.  Shake it around for a minute or two and rinse until clean. 


Ash Catchers can also be referred to as “bubblers”.