Trays 101

January 4, 2021



Organizational trays are a great way to keep your cannabis life organized.  They are little workstations with various sizes of cut-out slots, squares, rectangles and holes to keep different tools and containers snugly in their right place.  They come in a multitude of shapes and sizes and can be tailored to the smoker, dabber or vaper.  Some have lids that attach securely with magnets, while others come with silicone trays, mats, and/or containers.  There are trays designed for those of us on the go – smaller and with lids - and there are trays designed for those of us whom tend to be homebodies – tabletop models that are larger, without lids and dotted with a multitude of different slots.   



The silicone versions are geared toward the dabber and the silicone mat is a convenient little space to work with your cannabis concentrates.  It is attached with two magnets, which can be removed for cleaning purposes.  Many of the dabbing trays come with silicone mats and containers as well as a metal dabbing tool.  They can all be removed for cleaning purposes.  



The cut-out circles on the trays come in a variety of sizes, from half an inch diametre for silicone containers, well past six inches to securely hold things like rigs, torches and large containers.  The larger trays tend to have more than 10 different slots in various sizes and almost always include a slot for a lighter to fit snugly.  


The Bowl Displays are a perfect way to keep all of your bowls, adaptors and nails securely in place, as well as on display.  They come in both 14mm and 19mm versions.