Grinders 101

January 4, 2021





Grinders are the tried-and-tested tools for grinding up your marijuana flower buds.  A grinder is a cylindrical device, with anywhere from two to four connecting pieces.  The more basic, 2-Piece grinders have just base and top plates, with sharp teeth interspersed on both.  When combined, the teeth from the top plate fill in the gaps of the teeth on the bottom to create a tight row of blades.  Once the dried cannabis is placed inside the teeth on the bottom plate, the user mashes together the top and bottom pieces, squishing the marijuana inside.  Using a twisting action and little bit of elbow-grease, the user turns the two plates in opposite directions until the marijuana inside has been reduced to tiny little fragments.  


4-Piece Grinders


The 4-Piece Grinders act exactly the same as the 2-piece grinders, except they have an additional two compartments: The third chamber is for catching the small pieces of cannabis, as they are ground-up above in the first and second compartments.  Unlike the 2-piece grinders, the second chamber on a 4-piece grinder is interspersed with holes, which allow the broken-up bud to fall through and, for the most part, stay contained in the third chamber.  The fourth is to catch the trichomes that fall off the bud during grinding.  A 100-micron, metallic screen separates the third and fourth chambers and allows only the trichomes or “pollen” or “kief” to get through.  It is, in fact, the trichomes, which give marijuana its intoxicating effect and not the leaf matter.  So, being able to keep as much of the pollen available is the ultimate goal. This fourth chamber allows the user, after a certain amount of grinder usage, to scrape out a significant amount of golden hash: the raw trichomes, which have been ground-off the marijuana in the grinding process.  Smoking or vaporizing these trichomes will dramatically increase the effect on the user.  It is essentially hash: a concentration of trichomes removed from the plant, which when consumed together, pack one heck of a punch.  


At, we offer grinders in a variety of colours, sizes and modifications.  Some grinders have a clear, plastic top so that you can see when your bud has been ground to a pulp.  Others have handles, which allow you to rotate a crank, grinding the marijuana up inside for you.  Whatever style or colour or size you prefer, we have it.  We offer brands like Sharpstone, Cali Crusher, Compton Grinders and Santa Cruz Shredder.