Enails 101

November 19, 2020

What are “eNails”?

Quite simply, eNail stands for “electronic nail”.  As mentioned above, the dabbing devices have gone through many stages of evolution, but most have kept the moniker “nail”, as the original form looked very similar to a carpenter’s nail. 




A good analogy that we like to use for our Entropy eNails is the camper stove versus electric stove comparison.  


Imagine using a camper stove in your home kitchen.  First of all, you’d have to buy the butane or propane, secondly, you’d have to fill up the empty tank or attach a new tank, and thirdly, you would have to light it with an exposed flame.  You don’t know the temperature of that flame unless you have a laser thermometer and you can’t remember which setting you had it at last time you used it and enjoyed it.  And don’t forget, all of this is happening inside of your home! 


Now compare that with your kitchen stove.  The stove is electric.  It is plugged into the wall.  There is no butane or propane involved, nor is there an open flame.  You can set the temperature and you are able to remember which settings you like the best.  There is no need to fill and refill tanks of gas, nor is there the safety issue of having an exposed flame inside of your home.  


This is essentially the difference between using a butane or propane torch to heat up your nail, versus using an eNail.  The eNail allows for constant temperature while a torched nail begins to cool down the second the torch is removed and even more drastically so once the user begins to inhale cold air through it and into the bong or rig.  While the eNail will also drop in temperature as the user takes his or her dab, it usually only lowers a few degrees, before quickly climbing back up to the set temperature.  Compared to the 200 degrees drop the torched nail experiences as it begins to cool completely, the eNail’s temperature loses are negligible.  


The Coil

16mm Coil

16mm Coil

20mm Coil

20mm Coil

26mm Coil

26mm Coil 


Remember the domeless nails in the ongoing evolution of dabbing?  Well, they evolved one more step and became fully compatible with eNails.  Now, there is a slot to slide your eNail coil securely around the domeless nail, and with the push of the power button, you have a hot nail, set to your desired temperature, in less than a minute.   


The Coil is NiChrome, which is a combination of Nickel and Chromium.  It is resistance heat, meaning that the NiChrome is a resistor and not a conductor of electricity.  When the power reaches the coil, the resistance creates a loss of energy, which forms as heat on the coil.  This is the second law of thermodynamics, better known as entropy, in action.



Dabbing Temperatures


One of the main benefits of an eNail is to be able to choose your desired dabbing temperature and keep it there indefinitely.  Different temperatures bring different dabbing experiences.  


Low Temp Dabs (500-625F) 260-330C


A low temp dab, which is anywhere from 500-625 degrees Fahrenheit, gives the user more flavour because only a small amount of the terpenes burn off before reaching his or her mouth.  However, because of the low temperature, it can take quite a few hits off of the same dab to totally consume it.  This method allows for maximum flavour absorption, but packs less of a punch than at higher temperatures.   The process of taking many small dabs, versus one large dab, has an effect on the overall impact of the hit.  A carb cap is almost always needed with low temp dabs, in order to heat up the concentrate as you take your dab.  



Medium Temp Dabs (625-710F) 330-375C



A medium temp dab, anywhere from 625-710 degrees Fahrenheit, gives off less flavour, but packs more of a punch and vaporizes the concentrate much faster than at a lower temperature.  It’s a compromise between flavour and effect.  In the medium temperature range, a carb-cap is useful, and when used correctly, the user can expect to finish off his or her dab in one or two hits.


High Temp Dabs (710-800F) 375-425C



High temp dabs, which are anything above 710 degrees Fahrenheit, are a much different experience than low temp dabs.  At this end of the spectrum, you begin to lose much of the flavour but are rewarded with one heck of a punch.  Depending on the temperature, some dabs can be consumed in one hit, even without the use of a carb cap.  Most people rarely dab above 800 degrees Fahrenheit, but some seasoned dabbers have gone as high as 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.  That really is the beauty to an eNail – the ability for the user to completely customize their experience.  Low Temp Dabs in the morning?  Tune the temp to 600F and enjoy the flavours.  High Temp Dabs at night?  Tune the temp to 710F and get locked into your couch for the evening.  


eNail Benefits


Other than being able to choose your desired temperature and keep it there indefinitely, the eNail also allows for much more frequency to your dabs.  


If you are with a few friends and you all want to take a dab, but you are using a torch, you will be inhibited by the 45 seconds it takes to heat up the nail, each time someone wants to take a dab.  By contrast, the eNail allows for successive dabs without the need to wait for it to be brought back to temperature.  Three different people could hit dabs at three different temperatures in less time than it takes two people to dab at the same temperature with a torch.  


Entropy eNails can switch between temperature differences of more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 15 seconds.  It takes just under a minute for our Entropy eNail to heat up from 0 to 710 degrees Fahrenheit.  Essentially, the longest you would ever have to wait for a dab is less than a minute.  If your eNail is already turned on, you are able to dab instantly, whenever you want.


Save the Butane, Forget the Torch


Just like the camper stove versus the kitchen stove analogy, only one method of dabbing requires the filling and refilling of Butane or Propane in order to heat up your nail.  Not only does this cost you time, it also costs you money as having to keep buying butane adds up.  You also have to have access to stores that sell butane.  And what if you are at home late at night and your torch runs out of butane?  Unless you are close to a 24/7 store that stocks butane, you will be out of luck in terms of dabbing for the night.  


With an Entropy eNail, this is not a scenario that you will ever have to deal with, as long as you have access to an electrical outlet.  Plug your eNail into the wall and get dabbing.  It’s a simple as that.  Want to dab outside?  Run an extension cord to your patio and enjoy your cannabis concentrates under the sun.  Want to dab at a friend’s?  No problem, our Entropy eNail is nearly half the size of a standard tissue box and weighs less than 2.5 lbs.  It is easily transportable and rugged enough to survive in your airplane luggage (We know from personal experience).  


Entropy eNails launched in May of 2016, with the aim of bringing high-quality electronic nails to the market at a reasonable price. Manufactured in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by Thermodynamix Inc, Entropy eNails bring a level of sophistication to the world of electronic dabbing. Entropy eNails come in a variety of colours, with more than 36 different customizable configurations.